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Benefits of Membership

bulletIncredible Networking Opportunities
bulletIncreased Potential for Local Business
bulletDiscounted Pricing to VACCH Events
bulletSupport Humanitarian Efforts in Vietnam
bulletReduced Rates on Trips to Vietnam
bulletIncreased Potential for International Business
bulletNetworking Opportunities in Vietnam
bulletTo Be Part of a Dynamic Organization

The Vietnamese-American Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii welcomes all businesses and businesspeople of Hawaii, and those interested in Hawaii-Vietnam relations and activities, regardless of ethnic background, to join the camaraderie and fellowship that is our chamber.

We are focused on bringing the business worlds of Asia's newest economy, and the United States together in a dynamic and meaningful manner. We wish to assist in opening the doors to Vietnam and in reducing the myths and challenges of the past. We intend to do this by working with the businesses and governments of Vietnam and the United States and promoting a healthy and vibrant trade between our two peoples.

We intend to bring our membership significant value for their time and commitment to helping us develop closer ties with Vietnam. Today, we are proud of our relationship with the National Business Alliance, and, together, we are working to bring ever-increasing opportunity to the businesses of Hawaii and Vietnam. But what is critical is the  bringing together of our countries, and the helping to lay aside the decades old differences that have separated our two great nations. We are working to foster trade, understanding, and the growth of joint and independent business relationships.

Come and join us! Let us enjoy the special skills and abilities that you can share. We will greet you with enthusiasm and share our excitement about the opportunity that awaits us.


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